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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Off-shoots of Freemasonry - See List

Off-shoots of Freemasonry …

The list includes:

• MEN:

o The Shriners,
o Independent Order of Rechabites,
o Independent Order of Oddfellows,
o Ancient Order of Foresters,
o Independent Order of Foresters,
o The Orange Lodge (Ireland), the DRUIDS,
o The Buffalo Lodge,
o Loyal Order of Moose,
o Benevolent Protective Order of the ELKS,
o Fraternal Order of Eagles,
o Knights of Columbus,
o Knights of Pythias,
o Order of Red Men,
o Royal Arch Mariners,
o Grotto,
o Tall Cedars of Lebanon,
o Order of the Golden Chain,
o Order of the Golden Key,
o Woodsmen of the World,
o The Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm,
o Acacia Fraternity,
o The Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine,
o Royal Order of Jesters,
o Order Templi Orientis.

o The Order of Eastern Star,
o Order of Amaranth,
o White Shrine of Jerusalem,
o The Daughters of Mokanna,
o Daughters of the Nile and White Shrine,
o Order of Golden Dawn.
o The Order of Demolay,
o The Order of Builders,
o The Daughters of Job.

Baden Powell's Scouts
Even the Souts and Girl Guides have their roots in Lord Baden Powells's
Freemasonry. He was a prominent member of the Lodge of the Grand Orient.
There is a Baden Powell Lodge.

Most Scouts and Guides are required to repeat a pledge on entrance to the
movement. The Bible says we are not to swear at all. Yes, the principles of these movements have many positive attributes but there are some aspects that need to be repented of.

The Three finger salute is a recognized witchcraft symbol. This is used in the scouts.

The Order of the Easter Star
The Order of the Eastern Star is for wives, daughters and female relatives of Master Masons. The Eastern Star is an inverted five-pointed star also known as a pentagram. It is a very powerful magical device used in witchcraft and satanism.

This order was created by Dr. Rob Morris, a leading Mason, who was known as a "Masterbuilder" of the Order. Every ritual and oath of the Order of Eastern Star is based upon the oaths and rituals of Freemasonry. It is a Masonic order.

The oaths and rituals of the Order bind the lady to the Masonic brotherhood:
"Whatever benefits are due from Masons to wives, daughters … reciprocal duties are due from them to Masons."

Members of the Order of Eastern Star take oaths of silence and secrecy … "By it
you bind yourself to the most solemn secrecy respecting the work of the Order, and to that performance."

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